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Student Service


Student Visas

 Hayfield University  does offer I-20/visa services and does vouch for Student status. Please contact the Office of Admissions for more information.



 HU does not have dormitory facilities under its control. The College has no responsibility to find or assist in finding housing. The Director Student Affairs/International Students may assist in finding suitable housing in the area.


Student Advising


 Hayfield University   offers Student Advising during normal business hours. All HU students are able to receive advisement about any subject such as academic, financial, course advising and college application advising.



 The HU offers academic orientation each quarter for all new students and all continuing students. The orientation sessions are designed to introduce new student's school life, policies, regulations, faculty members, administration, and the surrounding community.


Student Fellowship

 Every student enrolled in the  Hayfield University  is a member of the Student Fellowship. The student activity fee funds student activities. It seeks to stimulate prayer and fellowship among students and organizes the mountain prayers and "Praise the Lord" program.


Student Government Council

 Comprised of students elected annually by the general student body, the Student Government Council promotes students' interests and conducts activities which directly relate to student life. For example, the Student Government Council nominates students to serve on various faculty/student committees, presents the needs and desires of students to the seminary, and organizes social events for fellowship during the school year. Worship and Spiritual Life


 The students, faculty and staff at the HU meet regularly for worship. Chapel services are held once a week during the school year. The Student Government Council arranges a time and place for mountain prayer.


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