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학생 초상

                Student Movement Association
Student Government is a student-run, campus-wide organization developed to provide students at  with a voice in the decision- making processes of the University. Student Government members are the link between students and the administration of HU.


SGA of HU members are encouraged to discuss their opinions, criticisms, and expectations to promote a student-friendly environment and uphold the general welfare of the student body.


Through service in SGA, members improve communication, enhance leadership abilities, hone critical thinking and problem solving skills, and learn how to work with a variety of people, including the Hayfield University has an active student government. The student council serves primarily to integrate all phases of extracurricular life of the student body.


Officers are elected by the student body and a representative is elected from each of the student meeting.


No student shall in any way tamper with or illegally influence voting or vote counting procedures or regulations as set forth by the Student Government Association for any campus election.


The student government association of HU consists of a president, a secretary, and a treasurer.

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