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Student Life and Services


Student Services
Hayfield University offers a range of supervisory and consultative services for our students including academic counseling, career planning/guidance services, workshops/seminars, internship programs, and tutorial services. The services that are available to students include:

Student Orientation
During orientation, a school administrator will familiarize the student with the Hayfield University facilities, services, grading policies, graduation requirements, etc. as described in this catalog.

Academic Advisement
All students are provided with personal assistance regarding program requirements and scheduling. In addition, individual assistance and advising are readily available to students with special academic difficulties. Enrollees are encouraged to request an appointment with their instructor immediately if any scholastic problems arise. All students are urged to take advantage of this valuable assistance. Hayfield University welcomes any suggestions as to ways in which any aspect of the school can be improved. Suggestion may be submitted to the school’s official President.

Career Resource Services
The University’s career resource services include assisting students who are preparing for professional careers in pastoral or missionary fields. The University provides assistance in resume writing, interview preparation, and internship opportunities.

Library Services
Hayfield University has one (1) library containing resource materials for student use. A student may search and find textbooks, periodicals, news and current events, encyclopedias and dictionaries. Library hours are available during the week in between class schedules. Times are posted on the outside of the library. The library is located on the first floor. Students also have the opportunity to use internet to assess Theology and Music websites. A list of libraries in the immediate area is posted on the library wall.


Library Services

Persons associated with Hayfield University (students, faculty and staff) (registered member) have borrowing privileges. Any student may receive a library card free of charge. Others must pay a yearly membership fee of $20.00 in order to borrow materials. Books may be checked out for up to three weeks.


Library Hours
Monday-Thursday 12:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m.

Friday 12:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Saturday closed.
Sunday closed


The library holds 15,000 bound volumes. Current journal and newspaper subscriptions now number over 100 titles.


Internet Service
Internet Service is available at the library. Please call the library for an appointment for usage
or reservation.


Photocopies and copies made on the microform reader-printer and EC-ROM printer are five cents per page.


Lending Policies
1. All borrowers are required to fill out a library user application form.
2. All borrowers must show a library card or student ID (for students) to check out books.
3. Books are loaned for a three week (church member) or six week (students) period. Patrons are limited to having four books checked-out (six books for students) at one time.
4. The overdue fine for circulating books is 10 cents a day.
5. Renewals can be made twice unless another patron requests them.
6. Reference books and periodicals cannot be checked out.
7. The reserve shelf is located behind the circulation desk. Reserve materials are loaned for a two hour period and must be used in the library. Reserve items may be checked-out overnight, but they cannot leave the library until a half-hour before closing and must be returned within a half hour after the library opens the following day.
8. Those borrowers who lose or severely damage a library book will be charged the full replacement value ($ 15.00 minimum).


Library Rules
1. Unnecessary or excessive noise or any disruptive behavior will not be permitted.
2. Consumption of food or beverages is not allowed in the library.
3. Do not reshelf library materials. Return books to a book cart.
4. Periodicals must be returned to their original places.
5. All library users must have their bags or books checked at the circulation desk.
6. Due to duties involved in closing the library, the books should be checked out or renewed ten minutes before closing.
7. Persons not complying with these policies may be asked to leave the library.


Hayfield University does not operate a bookstore on campus. However, our University has an agreement with the bookstores within 3miles of the campus, Dong- A Book Plaza (213)382-7100 and Word of Life Book Store (213)382-4538, which will provide textbooks we use. Students can purchase books at these locations.


Use of School Facilities
Courtesy and respect for others around you is the responsibility of the student attending classes at Hayfield University. In order to maintain an environment that promotes and supports this objective, the following rules are to be followed:
1. Smoking is prohibited in the classrooms and restrooms. Smoking will be permitted outside on the building.
2. Students must maintain a clean, organized, area at all times.
3. When leaving the area, all electrical devices, computers, and so forth, must be turned off.
4. Food and drinks are prohibited in the classrooms.
5. Students misusing the equipment and instrumental devices may be subject to dismissal and may be billed for damaged equipment.
6. Accidents and/or breakdowns must be reported immediately to the student’s instructor.


Parking is available in the parking lot located behind Hayfield University and ample street parking is also available. There is also an ample parking space for students, staff, and visitors and is well lighted during the evening.


Hayfield University does not offer on campus housing. Housing information can be obtained through the office of the school. Upon request, the student will be sent any referrals that have come to the school for available housing and will send a copy of the local newspaper providing listings in the area for housing. An estimation of the approximate range of cost for the housing is $800 through $1,200 for 1 or 2bed room apartment, and around $200 or $300 more for the house.


Any student in an emergency situation should call 911. If a student has an English language problem, the LAPD Korean Town police is available (213-237-0569). If a student needs assistance, ask the Dean of Students’ office. On campus, crime is very scarce. However, to prevent any crime attempts it is recommended that you walk in a group and watch one another.


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