University Leadership  

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Chairman Dr. Bong Hee Kim      

Trustee Dr. Young Ja Dahn        Trustee Mr. Michael Lim       Trustee: Dr. Chul Mo Shin      Secretary: Bo Ram Hong


The faculty of the Hayfield University is committed to the Evangelical faith as an accurate expression and application of the inspired and infallible Word of God, the final authority for faith and life.  In equipping students for ministry it seeks to instill and encourage fidelity to the Word of God, soundness of theology, and appreciation for academic excellence, coupled with the warmth and compassion of genuine piety and fervent concern for evangelism and missions, and for the building up of God’s people toward maturity in Christ.


The basic qualification of faculty in academic career is at minimum the holder of a Master’s degree in an accredited school around the world.  However, the doctorate degree holder is preferred.  Also in the music department a performance career is preferred.





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